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Overnight and Multi-day rentals available / Bigger discounts the longer you rent!
Half day = 4 Hours and Full Day = 8 Hours

Zion Bike Rental RipRacer

$59 1/2 day - $89 full day

Rip Racer (NEW!)

Get the family out. Like our popular Rip Current (below), but smaller…great power, 20″ wheels, single speed with 4 levels of pedal assist…super fun, super easy to ride, lots of battery life and wide, knobby tires that are great both on and off road! For kids and adult kids…:)

Juiced Rip Current

The crowd pleaser. With a range of 65 miles on a single charge, front suspension, along with torque-sensing pedal assist and super cushy fat tires, this bike rides very well on the road, and are a ton of fun on dirt-packed trails. Riders like these bikes for their awesome power. 

Accommodates riders between 5′ – 6’4” 

Zion Bike Rental Rip Current

$59 1/2 day - $89 full day

$59 1/2 day - $89 full day

Rad Runner

Simple. For any level of rider, smaller wheel size and step thru frame makes it easy no matter your height. Great for touring and cruising on the road. The knobby tires allow you to ride over hard pack dirt roads and smooth single track.

Yuba Spicy Curry

Get the family out. With rear seats, foot boards and monkey bars to hold onto, you can easily have two kids safely ride in the back (or a pet/equipment carrier that fits within the bars).

Front basket is large enough for food, drinks, and personal items.

$59 1/2 day - $89 full day

Fuel Up or Refuel at Xetava Gardens Cafe!

Xevata Gardens Cafe

Stop by Xetava before or after your ride for delicious food and drink…full espresso bar, wine, beer and cocktails available – and don’t forget to try their blended lemonade supreme!

Trails you can ride to right from our front door at our pick-up/drop-off location at Inn Santa Clara

Snow Canyon State Park

The jewel of the St. George area…our most popular ride, great for any level of rider…stunning during the day or night, but consider a sunset ride if you’ve got the time.

Pickleball Trail

The closest dirt trail to our shop. A series of fun single track loops that either bring you back to our shop or connect to Anasazi and further out for longer adventures. Lots of turns, but not technical riding…super fun!

Anasazi Trail

An easy ride to the top where you can stop and check out the petroglyphs – you can continue on past that point if you want some real mountain bike trails.

Barrel Rolls Trail

5.4 mile loop of cross country mountain biking accessible via Anasazi – great for intermediate to advanced riders.

Stucki Springs Trail

A fairly fast 6 mile cross country trail with elevation change and some technical riding. For intermediate to advanced riders. This connects from Barrel Rolls and can take you to the Bear Claw Poppy circuit of trails.

Bearclaw Poppy Trail

One of the most popular mountain bike areas around, with trails for beginners who have some experience on mountain bikes, up through intermediate and advanced riders. Lots of offshoots from this network of trails.

For the Truly Adventurous....Call us and we can help you plan how to ride ALL of the above Snow Canyon area trails in one continuous ride!!