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Overnight and Multi-day rentals available / Bigger discounts the longer you rent!
Half day = 4 Hours and Full Day = 8 Hours

Rip Racer

Get the family out! Like our popular Rip Current (below), but smaller…great power, 20″ wheels, single speed with 4 levels of pedal assist…super fun, super easy to ride, lots of battery life and wide, knobby tires that are great both on and off road! Great option for both adults and younger adults.

Accommodates riders between 4’ 8” – 6’ 2”

$59 1/2 day - $89 full day

Juiced Rip Current

The crowd pleaser! With a range of 65 miles on a single charge, front suspension, along with torque-sensing pedal assist and super cushy fat tires, this bike rides very well on the road, and are a ton of fun on dirt-packed trails. Riders like these bikes for their awesome power. 

Accommodates riders between 5′ – 6’4” 

$59 1/2 day - $89 full day

Magicycle Ocelot Pro

Smooth Ride!

Designed for people of various heights, the Ocelot Pro can fit everyone with an adjustable seat. All of you guys can find the best riding position on the Ocelot Pro. The responsive hydraulic disc brakes provide the smoothest braking experience you’ve ever had. Equipped with a 52V 20Ah battery, the Ocelot Pro offers a range of between 60 – 80 miles. Let’s have the best long trips on this long-range e-bike.

Accommodates riders between 4’ 8” – 6’ 2”

$59 1/2 day - $89 full day

Magicycle Deer 20”

Double Suspension! As the first ebike suv in the US, the Deer is the first choice for recreational riders who love to use ebikes for all kinds of purposes, such as commuting or off-road riding. The full suspension system will give you the highest level of shock absorption and the smoothest bike rides. With both hydraulic disc brakes and a 52V 20Ah battery, the Deer provides the most comfortable experience.

Accommodates riders between 4’ 8” – 6’ 2”

$59 1/2 day - $89 full day

Yuba Spicy Curry

Get the family out! With rear seats, foot boards and monkey bars to hold onto, you can easily have two kids safely ride in the back (or a pet/equipment carrier that fits within the bars).

Front basket is large enough for food, drinks, and personal items.

$59 1/2 day - $89 full day

Child Bike Seat "NEW!"

Bring your mini-me along for all your bike adventures with the Skipper Child Bike Seat from Bell Sports. This seat is for ages one and up, attaching right behind your bike seat to keep your little one close as you set out on your journey. A five-point safety harness keeps your tot secure and a machine-washable seat pad makes it easy to keep the seat clean, even through snack or drink spills.  Limited inventory available, reservation recommended. 

Included with cost of bike rental!

2-Child Bike Trailer "NEW!"

2-Child bicycle trailer offers the perfect outdoor solution for active parents. The item quickly sets up as a bike trailer right out of the box. 16 in rear wheels deliver low rolling resistance, and large front and side windows let your passenger enjoy the ride. The T2 trailer includes a foot bar that protects your children’s feet and also comes with a removable three-season bug and rain shield. The padded five-point safety harness securely holds your children in place during use.  Safely and comfortably transports 2 children (up to 100 LB max payload). Limited inventory available, reservation recommended. 


Ride to Snow Canyon from Inn Santa Clara via Lava Flow Trail in just 20 mins!

Inn Santa Clara

Check out Inn Santa Clara, our pickup & drop-off location partner, offering a truly unique boutique hotel in the heart of one of Southern Utah’s most beautiful main streets.  Inspired by today’s 21st century travelers and yesterday’s 19th century pioneers, Inn Santa Clara offers guests a high-design, low-contact spot to call home (if only for a couple of days) that aims to delight and inspire. 

Trails you can ride to right from our front door at our pick-up/drop-off location at Inn Santa Clara

Snow Canyon State Park

The jewel of the St. George area…our most popular ride, great for any level of rider…stunning during the day or night, but consider a sunset ride if you’ve got the time. Whiptail Trail and West Canyon Trail inside Snow Canyon are highly recommended. 

Lava Flow Trail

Recommended route from Inn Santa Clara to Snow Canyon State Park, approximate ride time 20 mins. Washington County in southwest Utah is well known for its volcanic history. Remnants of its fiery past can be seen in the cinder cones, such as those found in Snow Canyon State Park, and in the rugged fields of black lava spread across the terrain. From the its name, you can expect that the Lava Flow Trail puts the latter features on full display.   

Red Hills Parkway Trail

This trail is a fantastic way to get a taste of Utah’s famous red rock scenery a stone’s throw away from a busy city. This trail leads to both the iconic Dixie Rock at Pioneer Park and Red Hills Desert Garden.  The trail begins in north St. George, at Red Hills Parkway and 800 N as a wide sidewalk, but very soon it transitions into invitingly smooth asphalt with yellow striping. The city portion of the trail is on an upwards incline, and as you climb, you’ll be exposed to sweeping views of the city unfolding below and the hills a distant hazy blue.  After about the first mile, the city disappears behind you and red rock hillsides surround you as you climb. The view then opens up into a red-and-green panorama. 

Call us for information on large group rental and multi-day rental discounts!